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Here's what others had to say…

What sets Dr Dua and his staff apart from any other doctors office I’ve been to is the fact that they will recognize me instantly instead of having to look at a chart. I am an individual to him and as such I am not just another file. He does his best to suit my personal needs. He’s an amazing Dr. with that human touch.

Kathy L.

Dr. Dua is the best and I am so happy that my primary physician recommended him. I needed a total hip and 2 other orthopedic surgeons declined to operate because I had a BMI of over 40. I was in a lot of pain and becoming more dependent on my husband and children. Dr. Dua explained what I needed to do. He was encouraging and very honest. I felt confident in his ability. It took a year to lose the weight . I had the surgery and felt instant relief from nagging pain. Dr. Dua gave me my life back.

Fran I.

I'm writing another review because I in my first one I didn't say how much that I appreciated all the great help that I got from everyone in Dr. Dua's office and especially Christen his PA.. Christen was just amazing as was Dr.Dua. Thank you all for all your expertise. I'll be doing my other knee next year.

Rick H.

Went to Dr Dua for a workers comp injury. Excellent Doctor. He has a wonderful staff that works with him also. I would recommend him to to anyone who needs an orthopedic surgeon.

I had two partial knee replacements done by Dr Dua and his staff. One in June 2016 and the second in December 2016. The process was extremely easy. Christin Del Buono Pa was excellent in her care and follow up through out the whole process. I cant thank them enough. I would recommend Dr Dua and his staff for any replacement procedures.

Paul Blain

Dr. Dua and his staff, including Christin Del Buono PA have been excellent throughout my visits and hospitalizations. Dr. Dua and his team at Manchester Hospital were exceptional throughout the whole process. Cannot say enough positive remarks.

Fred Rodgers

Dr. Dua and his whole staff have been from the beginning extremely helpful, kind and patient. I had total hip replacement at 49 years old after years of intense pain. BEST THING I EVER DID!!! Dr. Dua was an excellent surgeon, his staff before, during and now 3 years later have been nothing but professional, answering any questions or concerns I had/have. I would highly recommend his team if you want the best care! I have my life back thanks to all of them. Thank you!!!!!!


This is my second hip replacement done by Dr.Dua and I can't thank him enough for making me pain free.He did my left hip 2 years ago and now the right hip.I did 3 weeks of physical therapy and after 1 month, I am walking without the use of a cane. Dr.Dua and his PA are exceptional surgeons and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing orthopedic care.

Janice Bardon

Dr Dua and his staff are very caring and provide top level care. there goal is to make every one of there patients better and they do it is such a warm care atmosphere.


I fractured my right ankle bone and was recommended by my primary doctor to see Dr. Dua. Staff and Doctors excellent. Close and convenient to home. Would recommend.


Saw Dr. Dua for my hip a year ago. With some injections and P.T., my issue was resolved. Just called for another issue with my wrist and hand, appointment made in 3 days, no long wait. Eager to have this resolved as well.


Excellent care from Dr. Dua and Christin Del Buono.


I want to say that office is amazing! All the staff in this office had smiles on from the moment I walked in the door till when I left.... they were nice, patient and had a wonderful bedside manor. Dr. Dua was just as great, he took the time to examine me, listen to my symptoms and not once shrug me off as it was my weight that was contributing to my hip pain. I was treated with respect and given a few plans of action to chose from. I'm very excited to have him as my doc!


An all around great experience. The entire staff were friendly and personable. I had 2 separate visits; one for a broken foot and the other for a shoulder problem. I saw P.A. Christin Del Buono on both occasions. She was courteous, professional and interested in what I had to say about my injuries. She took the time to go over the options I had and what was best for me. She was never judgmental. I highly recommend her for anyone who has orthopedic concerns

Jack Longo

I had all the confidence, no worries. My first time with Dr. Dua & surgery. He answered all of my questions. Now I'm feeling so much better from my hand surgery. He has a great bedside manner, and a very nice gentlemen. I would use Dr. Dua again !!

Ann Luetjen

Dr Dua & Christin PA-C were excellent! His entire staff were great including X-ray & Debbie the surgical scheduler. Dr Dua was highly recommended by my MD and a friend in her 80s who had her full hip done a YR ago. I had my full left hip replaced just over 6 MMs ago @ MMH which was great too! Walked the night of surgery, no issues with Epidural, 1 day @ MMH, never any pain, out-patient rehab, 2 WKs back to work, MMH Joint Effort class very helpful. One regret waited too long to get hip replaced.

Dale Kasai

Four weeks out from my second total knee replacement done buy Dr. Dua and I feel great. The office staff were excellent. Both Dr. Dua and his PA were very pleasent and listened and presented me with the facts. I had two very bad knees and was a candidate for total replacements. Both were replaced at MMH. Excellent care by everyone! Fantastic followup care. Walking the day after both surgeries. Extremely low pain and under control. Call or text me for more info. 860-712-6575 VERY SATISFIED !

David Beckers

I had a hip replacement done by Dr, Due. He totally prepared me as to what to expect. I woke from surgery with much less pain than I had been enduring, and improved rapidly. Four months later, I not only am pain free but I am able to move and do things I haven't been able to do for over a year! Dr. Dua is EXCELLENT!

Bonnie L.

I recently had a full hip replacment done by Dr. Dua. I am so glad he was recommended to me by Dr. Veltri. Dr. Dua and his staff were absolutley awsome in every phase. I would recommend him to anyone if you need hip replacement or any other ortho work. He was prompt, he was thorough, he took the time to answere all of my questions and concerns. I was back to work in my office in a little over two weeks! Thank you Dr. Dua and your staff. You're the Best !!!!!

Steve A.

I have had two procedures with Dr. Dua - one of which was to correct a procedure that another doctor screwed up. Both the operation on my knee and the one on my shoulder were successful. Being a patient of Dr. Dua is easy and I couldn't be happier with where I'm at now!

Jerzy K.

I could barely walk because both of my knee's were bone on bone. the left one was the worst. I had a total left knee replacement 1 year ago and I am now pain free in that knee. Going to have the right one replaced soon. I highly recommend doing all of the exercises that the therapists show you. I was doing them constantly and using an ice pack. after 4 weeks I was cleared to go back to work. 4 WEEKS!!!!

Michael Andrews

Got appointment within the Same week as calling. Xray taken there showed I needed a complete left knee replacdment. Very nervous so scheduled the surgery for end of summer. Dr. Dua and his PA very compassonate, informative, reassuring. Surgery day came and hospital staff extremely kind, professional and reassuring. Surgery went smooth. One month later no walker or cain. Driving and walking everywhere. Have had no pain some very minor discomfort. No narcotics only OTC pain meds. Very satisfied!

David Beckers

Had surgery on knee yesterday, zero pain, walking and bending today! Little swollen but no more pain!!!


Immediately upon entering Dr. Dua's office, I knew I was in good hands. The staff is so caring and friendly. I had not been to an orthopedic in 32 years. I had a bad car accident when I was 26 years old, resulting in 31 broken bones. I was in a lot of pain and needed to find out what could be done. I need 2 new hips, but, also need to finish this semester. Kristen (and I'm sorry I don't your title, Kristen) was wonderful. We talked it through, and I will write more when I get the surgery!

Laura Sherman

Dr Dua repaired my shoulder. He thoroughly explained the procedure and answered all of my questions. He did an amazing job.


The minute I walked into Dr. Dua's office I felt welcome and comfortable. The staff were friendly and helpful. On my first visit Dr. Dua told me what my options were and I decided to try the shots first. They did not work so Dr explained what surgery could do for me. I attended his pre-op joint replacement education class which explained what would take place. It was very informative and helpful. It is one year since my surgery and I can walk without pain. Dr. Dua is excellent. A++ from me!

Terry Pitts

I needed a competent physician quickly for my broken fibula which was diagnosed yesterday at an Urgent Care facility. Since I live in Vernon, I checked and found Dr. Dua and staff. I was able to get an appointment for today - an immediate response. The entire staff (the receptionists, the PA, the nurse and of course, Dr. Dua) was extremely friendly and considerate as they explained my situation and various treatment approaches for my case. Their thoroughness and care were highlights.

Sharon S.

I would highly recommend Dr. Dua for orthopedic surgery. He listens to your questions and concerns then gives straight forward answers and specific diagnosis to your problems. My hip pain was becoming debilitating when I first met Dr. Dua, but was I still quite unsettled when he told me hip replacement surgery was needed. His pre-operative joint replacement education class, fully explained exactly what I was getting myself into. Now, 3 years later, no cane, no pain, no hitch, no limp, perfect!

William Balsewicz

So far my whole experience at this office has been exceptional from start to finish. I didn't have to wait long to get and appointment. I didn't take them weeks to get my MRI approved through my insurance, just a matter of a few days. Dr Dua's assistant Christin went out of her way to make me feel comfortable with my MRI results and Dr. Dua himself was very personable and professional with presenting my options. I would recommend this office to any of family members and friends.


The office staff is very efficient and courteous and know who I am when I arrive. I had knee surgery and Dr. Dua performed it so well that i was walking the dame day! I healed very quickly and didn't have too much pain. The PA in the office was very attentive and explained things with great clarity and understanding and I was never rushed during any visits. For those who need hip or knee surgery, don't be nervousseek out Dr. Dua and his staff! He is highly rated and his staff is very supportive!

Ed Ciolkosz

My hip replacement was virtually pain free. I was up and walking with no pain and I only took excedrin. it was exactly as Dr. Dua and his staff told me. they were very friendly and definitely patient focused. I highly recommend Dr. Dua. I met other people who had Dr. Dua and they all said similar things. A great experience.

John Rosa

I would highly recommend choosing Dr.Dua to anyone considering hip replacement based on my recent experience having both hips replaced over an eight week period. Both operations and my recuperation went flawlessly with no infection and very little pain experienced. Both operations only resulted in an overnight stay and next morning discharge from MMH.

Bill Johnson

The entire office was very pleasant and made you feel at home. The staff took a really caring attitude and was like a breath of fresh air. Office did not feel like an office but friends helping an injured friend. Would not hesitate to suggest Dr. Dua to anyone.

John Bouchard

From the very first visit concerning my hip, Dr Dua answered every question that was ask of him. He also let me know that when I was ready for the hip replacement, to let him know and we would schedule the surgery. Once the surgery was scheduled, the procedure and PT that followed was explained and everything went as they said it would. It has been one year since the surgery and I am back doing everything prior to the surgery, skiing, golf. hiking, etc. The whole experience was great.

John Meisenhelder

From the very first visit concerning my hip, Dr Dua answered every question that was ask of him. He also let me know that when I was ready for the hip replacement, to let him know and we would schedule the surgery. Once the surgery was scheduled, the procedure and PT that followed was explained and everything went as they said it would. It has been one year since the surgery and I am back doing everything prior to the surgery, skiing, golf. hiking, etc. The whole experience was great.

John Meisenhelder

Dr Dua is a life saver . I now have two new hips and can walk pain free.The best thing I ever did was call him. I only wish I had more hips to replace.

David Pease

Dr. Dua and his staff give you all your options, sometimes that does not always mean surgery. I had hip replacement surgery a year ago. Dr. Dua put me at ease with the surgery and told me my pain would be minimal. It was the best thing I did. Recently I had Pain in my left knee and was afraid I would need surgery again, after talking over my options he recommended a series of shots, gave me the appropriate material to read so I could make my decision. He has help me to regain my quality of life

Debbie McCormick

I am a 60 something year old over weight woman. I have been suffering with hip pain for a long period of time. My primary care physician attributed it to my weight and more or less blew me off. I have recently lost some weight and experienced no relief. I saw Dr. Dua. He treated me with respect, diagnosed and corrected my medical condition not making it just a weight thing. I no longer have a severe limp after just 2 visits. He's magic as far as I am concerned!

Pat J